What We Do

REDCAM leads strategic commercial and institutional real estate development projects, major renovation initiatives, and special capital projects. aligned with Howard’s campus plans to serve the University and surrounding communities.

Our commercial development and asset management projects support the diversification of the University’s revenue streams, leverage private capital sources, and offer new amenities and revitalized spaces to Howard and its neighbors.

Institutional projects are aligned with Howard’s campus plans to create new and innovative learning spaces, foster interdisciplinary collaboration, and improve the University’s capacity for research.

In all projects, we seek to advance Howard’s mission by identifying meaningful participation of students, staff, faculty, and underrepresented business owners in the educational, financial, and operational benefits that each project generates.

Michelle Lockley
Executive Assistant
(202) 806-1012

Our Workflows

Real Estate Strategy and Valuation

REDCAM establishes and executes real estate strategies for core, non-core, and campus edge assets, involving academic and non-academic properties and facilities, including space allocations and development projects, major strategic renovations, and identification and execution of commercial leasing opportunities. As an input to these strategies, the unit maintains up-to-date valuations of key strategic assets and aligns acquisition and disposition activities accordingly.

Campus Planning, Architecture and Development

REDCAM orchestrates and maintains all Campus Master Planning activities, including engaging with regulatory entities, preparing and monitoring all regulatory applications, overseeing capital asset improvement projects, and participating in community engagement. The unit oversees and directs all major real estate development projects and contributes to minor projects with strategic significance. For real estate development projects within the Campus Master Plan boundaries, REDCAM ensures their compliance with its guidelines and consults and advises on related issues.  REDCAM provides design guidance through regular architectural review of real estate projects, and in consultation with HU PFM on key projects in this capacity.

Commercial Transactions

REDCAM manages all commercial real estate transactions, including assessing their financial feasibility, soliciting private development partners, devising commercially sound deal structures, and negotiating and closing complex real estate transactions. The unit secures Board of Trustees approval, as is customary and appropriate.

Capital Asset Management

REDCAM oversees management of all capital assets, including retail facilities, office space, academic and student life facilities, leased space, and underutilized or vacant property. The unit performs all property management tasks for assets outside the purview of HU PFM, such as rent collection, maintenance requests, and tenant relations.  REDCAM administers 100% of university property tax payments, maintains land records, and manages estate requests.