Current & Future Projects

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Howard Manor

Image of Howard Manor before and after picture

- Property Fronting Georgia Avenue

- Zoned MU-4 (moderate density mixed-use)

- Howard Manor is a five story, ~75,000 sq. ft. building built in 1950, and improved with 75 rental units

9th & V St

9th & V St before and after image

- The 9th and V St. site is currently used as a parking lot, with two adjacent warehouses on the site.

- The ~31k square foot parcel is nestled in between the Wren on Florida Ave and the Atlantic Plumbing Building (on 8th & V St.), and is located behind the 930 Club

Development Partner: MRP / Gideon

Effingham Apartments

Before and after image Effingham Apartments

- Property Fronting Georgia Avenue

- Zoned MU-4/RA-2 (moderate density mixed-use)

- Effingham apartments are a cluster of 3 Vacant Buildings

- The Site is approximately 26,826 square feet in size, including the 6,000 square foot vacant lot on the south side of the buildings


- Properties Outside of Campus Masterplan Boundary

- HURB1 Used as Office, Lab, Parking, & Food Service

Development Partner: Quadrangle

East Campus Development

- 23-acre site within the Brookland neighborhood

- Recently filed for historic designation

- The site was originally The Holy Name College, built by the Order of the Franciscans, and as of late, has been the home of the Howard University School of Divinity (HUSD)

Development Partner: FLGA / ZOM Living

Bond Bread and WRECO Garage

- 2.2 Acre Site on Georgia Ave

- Listed on National Register of Historic Places

- HU Prevailed in Dispute to Redevelop

- RFP Issued to 8 Short-Listed Bidder Teams

- Development Team Has Been Selected

Development Partner: Fivesquares Development / Edens / The Menkiti Group